Plant Power Program

12-week group coaching program for active vegan women

Learn how to eat healthy & fuel your body with plants without restrictions! Finally build the strength, endurance and confidence that you want and feel great in your body!

fuel your workouts

In my Plant Power Program, you'll learn what & how to eat to have more energy and achieve more in your workouts.

build strength & confidence

Learn how you can support your fitness goals with your diet and finally build strength, endurance and confidence.

feel great in your body

In my group coaching program, you'll not only get nutrition insights, but also tips and strategies for dealing with loss of motivation, overwhelm and doubts.

This is what other clients have said:

Before joining your program, I was struggling with self-control around food. Your program helped me to completely shift my mindset around food, and I’m no longer afraid of certain foods. 

Food is no longer my enemy! I know how to make nutritious meals and how it will benefit me in my training.

Shannen, South Africa

What I loved most about your group coaching program is that you created such a safe and supportive space in the group calls. I felt safe to share my experiences and it was great to have the support from you and the group. 

I also really appreciated your very non-restrictive attitude in regards to eating. I’m eating a lot healthier now but it doesn’t feel restrictive at all!  

Helen, Germany

Before working with Sarah, I felt overwhelmed at the idea of meal prepping and was struggling to make healthy meals. Through working with Sarah, I’ve learned how to make quick and healthy meals that will satisfy me and give me lots of energy!

I am now able to make healthy meals that support my health and fitness goals.

Chelsea, USA

Do you feel stuck and don't know what and how much to eat to support your fitness goals?

Do you feel like your stuck in your progress, even though you thought you were doing everything right with your nutrition but you’re still not seeing results?

Do you know that you need to change something about your eating habits but you’re not sure how to even start?

Are you feeling frustrated with calorie counting, restrictions and short-term diets and looking for a way to make eating healthy work for you long-term?

Then this is for you!

What if...

… you finally feel confident in your food choices and know exactly how to fuel your body with plants so you can achieve more in your training?

… you’ve created sustainable healthy habits that stick instead of jumping on to the next fad diet?

… you not only feel confident about your food choices, but also about yourself and your body?

… you could stop obsessing over food and start enjoying food again?

You just need the right strategy – and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in my Plant Power Program.

This is what other clients have said:

My framework for vegan fitness nutrition: the Plant Power Pyramid

In my group coaching program, we’ll have a detailed look at each level of the Plant Power Pyramid so you understand what aspects to focus on that will make all the difference.

Hi, I'm Sarah - your vegan nutrition coach!

I am a certified vegan nutritionist and coach for athletes and active vegans. 

I believe what we eat is an often overlooked aspect of our life where we can make a huge difference. For our planet, other sentient beings on it and our own well-being and health – and for our training performance.

My approach towards nutrition is not an “all-or-nothing” approach. There are no “good” or “bad” foods. I’m not a fan of diets, restrictions and “one-size-fits-all” approaches. I believe eating healthy can and should make you feel amazing!

I look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to my Plant Power Program!

What you will learn in my group coaching program:

module 1

foundation & mindset

e.g. food approach & mindset; mindful eating

module 2

energy & calories

e.g. energy balance; should you count calories

module 3

macro nutrients 1

e.g. recommendations for carbs, proteins and fats; vegan macro sources

module 4

macro nutrients 2

e.g.fiber; how to get enough protein on a vegan diet; protein tips

module 5

micro nutrients

e.g. critical micro nutrients for vegans; practical tips; supplement recommendations

module 6

frequency & timing

e.g. tips for nutrient absorption; optimal timing of meals

module 7


e.g. supplement checklist; recommendations for supplements

module 8


e.g. how to stay motivated

This is what other clients have said:

What's included in the Plant Power Program:

group coaching calls

8 live group coaching calls (90 minutes) where you get nutrition insights, motivation and accountability

recipe ebooks

50+ recipes so you no longer have to search for the right recipe (meal prep, high-protein, pre/post workout)

cheat sheets & PDF guides

e.g. supplements checklist, meal timing cheat sheet, meal prep guide, nutrient overviews, shopping list

individual support

one 1:1 coaching session to really dive deep and support you individually on your unique journey

private chat support

support from me over a private chat so you don't have to ask Google when questions come up in between calls

motivation & accountability

join a group of like-minded & motivated active vegans who are on the same journey as you

Become a part of my group coaching community!

You'll join a group of like-minded and motivated women who are on the same journey as you!

You should join my Plant Power Program, if ...

  • you're an active vegan and you want to learn what to eat to support your workouts and fitness goals

  • you are feeling "stuck" in your current progress and confused by all the information out there

  • you're motivated to put yourself first and make a difference for yourself, your health and your well-being

  • you want to create sustainable & healthy habits that stick

My Plant Power Program is not the right fit for you, if...

  • you're looking for a quick fix or rapid weight loss solution

  • you want a strict meal plan to follow

  • you're not ready to take action and invest in yourself, your health and your well-being

Frequently Asked Questions.

My Plant Power Program is a 12-week group coaching program. If after these 12 weeks, you feel like you’d like more support, there’s the option to extend our work together.

I got you! I understand that committing to working with someone over a longer period of time can feel intimidating. Therefore, I offer a free discovery call where we can get to know each other and talk about how working together looks like.

To sign up, click here and schedule a free discovery call with me. During our call, you can ask all your questions you may have about the program and if we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll sign you up.

You're ready to eat healthy without restrictions and feel confident about yourself and your body?

Sign up for my 12-week group coaching program now!

In my group coaching program you’ll learn everything you need to know to thrive on a vegan diet and support your health & fitness goals.

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