Vegan Nutrition Coaching Results

I have slowly transferred to a vegan diet and the Plant Power Program has given me the confidence to know for a fact that I am fueling my body accurately for my triathlon training and leaving no doubts in my mind about my own nutrition. Before working with Sarah, I struggled with staying full and building a healthy plate of food. I was also struggling with self-control around food. Sarah’s program has allowed me to understand the difference between feeding myself and fueling myself. It helped me to completely shift my mindset around food. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is uncertain about the foods they’re eating and wants to know how to eat adequately for their own fitness goals and workouts.
South Africa
I joined Sarah’s Plant Power Program because I wanted to get back on track with my nutrition, fitness and overall health. What I loved most about your group coaching program is that you created such a safe and supportive space in the group calls. I felt safe to share my experiences and it was great to have the support from you and the group. I also really appreciated your very flexible and non-restrictive attitude in regards to eating. I am eating a lot healthier now again but it doesn’t feel restrictive at all! 
I wasn't always 100% sure that a vegan diet can be super healthy. Now I am totally confident with eating only plant based! I’ve finally started to gain more weight. I noticed I’m eating more mindfully and also included more protein for breakfast which definitely makes a difference. I loved how even in the group setting, you gave everyone personal advice which was really helpful.
Before working with Sarah, I felt like I had lost control of my diet and was ordering delivery food far too often. Already after our first sessions, I’ve been eating a lot better and felt a huge difference! My energy levels are increased and I’m no longer ordering delivery food in like I was last year because I am more prepared. I no longer feel out of control around food. And definitely not shying away from grains anymore! I would definitely recommend your coaching to others!
Sarah is amazing! She is so kind and she is quick to understand what you’re looking for. Before working with Sarah, I felt overwhelmed at the idea of meal prepping and was struggling to make healthy meals. Through working with Sarah, I’ve learned how to make quick and healthy meals that will satisfy me and give me lots of energy! I am now able to make healthy meals that support my health and fitness goals. I really appreciated the PDFs she sent me after our calls. I like having those to look back on.
I can highly recommend the coaching with Sarah. She asks you what your goals are, and shows you how to reach them. Sarah is very supportive, always offered her help and answers questions. I felt very encouraged by her. I am really thankful that I joined her program.